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The Kendall Life Languages Profile™ – the KLLP™, is more comprehensive than anything else on the market today. The KLLP™ is not a personality test, skills test, or psychological test, but a communication analysis tool. It will help you understand more about yourself and others in an empowering way. You will have an in-depth analysis of how you communicate with others and learn valuable information about how you show up to others in both healthy and non healthy ways. You will learn about the order of each of the seven Life Languages, your Range, Intensity, Distress Levels, Language Filters, Language Needs, and much more to support you in living your life the way you were created to.

The KLLP™ gives you the keys to your success in connecting and understanding. It supports you in knowing how you were created to live in this world and how you best connect to others. Through the results of your KLLP™ you will learn about your authentic, uniquely created you. So if you haven’t yet found out how powerfully and uniquely you were created; if you are still searching; if life still feels like you are constantly being misunderstood; if your days are not filled with real happiness and joy; if you have not yet found the work you love or formed the relationships you truly enjoy, you need the KLLP™.

The KLLP™ can help you uncover unhealthy patterns of communicating that can be holding you back in creating a life of happiness and success. Through understanding yourself and others better, you will uncover new tools to use when you find yourself in stressful situations. You will gain incredible insight and understanding through knowledge of your Distress Levels, and how to meet the needs of yourself and others better to avoid stressful communication.

Experience the Occupational KLLP™ insight and begin your journey towards living out your purpose and destiny. Learn through the KLLP™ what occupations suit you best and what careers you would be exceptionally good at . Once you know what your natural gifting is, and what kinds of things you are not as naturally suited for, you can move purposefully toward happiness and success. Everyone, without exception, enjoys and is comfortable operating in their natural gifting. You will find when you step into who you are, that what you do begins to fit like a glove and life takes on a more natural stride.

 What are the Kendall Life Languages™?

The Kendall Life Languages™ are 7 distinct communication styles that were given to Fred and Anna Kendall by God as way to help them communicate and connect in their marriage and with their son Michael. The Life Languages are based on the spiritual gifts of God the Father as found in scripture, Romans, 12:6-8, and began with the understanding of three main categories of connecting to others.

The Kendall Life Languages™ have three categories, which are: Emotive, Cognitive, and Kinetic. People who speak emotive languages generally respond to life, people, stress, and values first by feeling with their hearts, then by thinking and feeling. People who speak cognitive languages generally respond to life, people, stress, and values first by thinking with their heads, then by feeling and actions. Those who speak kinetic languages generally respond to life people, stress, and values with their actions, then by thinking and feeling.

Because everyone has all 7 Kendall Life Languages™, it is best not to try to predict, guess, or estimate someone’s Primary Life Language.  The best way to identify how people communicate is by using the KLLP™.  It is important to remember that everyone has a combination of ALL 7 of the Life Languages at varying levels and intensities. As you begin to understand yourself more fully, you will discover that you also understand other people and their communication more fully. Better understanding and connections can help improve all your relationships, both personal and professional.

 How can the KLLP™ help me in relationships?

The Key Difference with the KLLP™ is that it is a communication analysis tool that helps you in all aspects of your life to communicate more effectively in your work, marriage, family, parenting, as a boss, employee, friend, and in every relationship. You will learn your own personal communication blueprint as well as gain insight into others unique communication blueprint. All the other kinds of assessments on the market are personality tests, psychological tests, achievement tests, or aptitude tests that tend to label you as one type of personality.  But, the KLLP™ is a profile that shows you the order in which you communicate each of the seven Kendall Life Languages™ and immediately helps you understand communication preferences and how to better connect with others.  Therefore, people are empowered to step into their greatness in both personal and professional relationships. 

The goal at Life Purpose Group is to help people and organizations reach their full potential and destiny through the three pillars of success taught by the Life Language Institute, Inc.: CHARACTER, COMMUNICATION, and EFFECTIVENESS. The Kendall Life Languages™ and the KLLP™ can identify the communication challenges and help build effective relationships, families, marriages, companies, and teams.

 The LifePurpose Group™ values relationships and recognize that all individuals are unique and have both strengths and weaknesses, and that everyone should look for and encourage potential and positive behavior in others. As Individuals, families, and organizations we can change and control our behavior and aspire to communicate an unconditional acceptance that promotes peace in our relationships. We desire that everyone should look for opportunities for self-development, growth, and success and believe that communication (common-union) is a foundational key to health, happiness, and effectiveness. And learning and applying the Kendall Life Languages™ harmoniously bridges the differences in personal, social, and occupational behavior.

 Can the KLLP™ help my company?

The KLLP™ will empower the corporations of today in an approach that is most uncomplicated, yet profoundly impacting.  Standard profiling tools utilize a quadrant approach which, in effect, put people in a box.  On the contrary, the KLLP™ is a revolutionary approach to solving interpersonal issues that is multi-dimensional in scope and gives people the tools needed to become more successful personally and professionally. It has many applications and is currently used in: Corporations, Educational Settings, Universities, Business Classes, Public School Systems, Businesses, Human Resource Departments, Sales and Marketing Departments, Direct Sales Teams, Counseling Service Agencies, Churches, Non-Profit Organizations, City Governments, Governmental Agencies, Fire and Rescue, Sheriff’s Departments, Police Departments, and many more.

Developing a Corporate Culture of Character, Communication, and Effectiveness through the Kendall Life Languages™ is powerful for any company, organization or team. You can gain a real understanding of Diversity Issues through applying the Character Training and Life Languages Training into your organization. Many times, what may appear to be management, racial, gender, class, or other diversity issues, really ends up being a communication issue.

The Kendall Life Languages™ Directory promotes healthy cultures. The most successful way to create a coherent individual and organizational culture is to profile all organizational members from the beginning. By profiling everyone at one time, your Certified Life Languages Facilitator can provide a Life Languages directory. The directory lists all persons alphabetically and provides their top three languages and last language with, score, range, and intensity. The directory also includes a summary of the Life Languages with instructions for effectively applying the insights provided by this analysis.

The KLLP™ Seminars are fresh tools for today’s growing companies. The profile and seminars provide immediate and long-term effects by strengthening relationships, enhancing team dynamics, encouraging character development, resolving conflict, helping diverse cultures work together with respect, discovering areas of greatest personal effectiveness, team building, proper job selection, greater harmony among co-workers and increased success in sales and business are some of the many benefits you will receive as you become self-aware and internalize an understanding of the  Kendall Life Languages™.

 How do I take the KLLP™


The KLLP™ is like no other and must be Experienced with a certified KLLP Facilitator from LifePurpose Group™. They will guide you through the assimilation process and help you understand every aspect from your profile. Your facilitator will help you uncover any signs of unhealthy stress and provide you with powerful insights to bring out the best of yourself, while building on your strengths and understanding your limitations.

When you take the KLLP,™ you will immediately receive a 16-25 page report that you can view or print out that includes your Kendall Life Languages Profile™, range, intensity, 14 different factors for your Primary and Secondary Life Languages, 14 additional scales information, and more.  The cost of the KLLP is only US$45.00, plus the cost of your personalized assimilation consultation with your facilitator..

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